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Máy biến điện áp JDZX15-20R

Máy biến điện áp JDZX15-20R

Máy biến điện áp JDZX15-20R

Thông số kỹ thuật biến áp JDZX15-20R

TYPE Rated Voltage(KV) Rated Insulation(KV) Accuracy class and Accuracy class combination
Rated secondary output
MAX output (VA) Fuse within once(A)
Biến áp JDZX15-3R 3000/√3 100/√3 100/3 3.6/23/40 0.2/6P(3P)—25/100
400 0.5
Biến áp JDZX15-10R 6000/√3 100/√3 100/3 7.2/32/60
Biến áp JDZX15-10R 10000/√3 100/√3 100/3 12/42/75 0.2
10000/√3 100/√3 100/√3 100/3 0.2/0.2/6P(3P)—15/15/150

đại lý JDZX15-20R | nhà phân phối JDZX15-20R

Biến áp JDZX9-15R,20R JDZX13-15,20(R)

JDZX15-15,20(R) TYPE


1. voltage transformer
2. rated voltage class:15,20kV
3. PT type:JDZX9-15,20R;JDZX13-15,20(R);JDZX15-15,20(R)

4. indoor,with fuse for protection,single phase,epoxy resin casting type,with residual voltage winding

5. rated transfomation ratio(kV):See the following drawing

6. accuracy classes combination: See the following drawing

7. This type has different kind of technical data, if you want to order this type product, we hope you can inquire us for your detailed technical requirement before ordering.

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