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Bộ chuyển đổi nhiệt độ GXGS-820

Bộ chuyển đổi nhiệt độ GXGS-820

Bộ chuyển đổi nhiệt độ GXGS-820

Thông số kỹ thuật bộ điều khiển GXGS-820

GXGS820 ( for selection) patrol transmission alarm device, using single-chip microcomputer control, suitable for digital patrol display, transmission and alarm of temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, speed and other engineering parameters.
input signal
Thermocouple: Lead resistance <200, cold junction temperature is automatically compensated.
Copper-Constantan (T) 0~400C; Nickel-Chromium-Constantan (E) 0~900C;
Tie Yikang copper (J) 0~1000C; nickel chromium-~nickel (K) 0~1300C;
Nickel-chromium-silicon-nickel-chromium (N) 0~1300C;
Platinum rhodium 13-platinum (R) 0~1600C;
Platinum rhodium 10-platinum (S) 0~1600C;
Platinum rhodium 30- platinum (B) 0~1800C
Thermal resistance: Three-wire resistance input, lead resistance <10瓯, three-wire balance.
Copper resistance (Cu50)-50.0~150.0C
Platinum resistance (Pt100)-199.9~600.0C
Muir micro pressure sensor: (YSH-1) 0~20mV, the range is self-determined, and the lead resistance is <200瓯.
Resistance remote pressure gauge: (YTZ-150) 0~400瓯, range self-determined, lead resistance <10瓯, three-wire balance
Current signal input impedance <100瓯,
The voltage signal input resistance is >400K瓯.
The two-wire, three-wire, and four-wire transmitters can be directly powered by the instrument’s internal distributor DC24V.
Three-wire, four-wire transmitters can also be selected for voltage distribution other than DC24V.

Display method:
a, measured value: LED four digit display

b, the number of roads: LED double digit display

C, alarm: LED light-emitting diode display
Accuracy: 0.5
Power supply voltage: AC220V+10% and DC24V+10% are available.
Operating environment: Temperature: 0~40″C; Relative humidity <85%.
Dimensions: 80X 160X95mm (vertical);
160X80X95mm (horizontal type);
96X96X130mm (square type)
Opening size: 76X152mm (vertical); 152X76mm (horizontal);
92X 92mm (square type)

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